Below are Oregonians who contributed to Disney success. Download this page here.

Pinto Colvig (1892-1967), print cartoonist turned animator turned voice artist. Born in Jacksonville. Oregon’s first professional animator. A career pre-dating Disney’s. Voice of Goofy. Musician (clarinet).

Carl Barks (1901-2000), print cartoonist turned animator turned comic book auteur. Born in Merrill. Inventor of Scrooge McDuck. Oregon’s most widely read author by a long, long shot.

Ralph Wright (1908-1983), writer turned voice artist. Born in Grants Pass. First Oregonian to win an international film festival award, for PERRI (1957). Voice of Eeyore. Band member, Hill’s Billies, in Tillamook, in the 1930s.

Marc Davis (1913-2000), artist turned animator turned character designer turned theme park designer.Graduated from Klamath Union High School. One of Disney’s Nine Old Men.

George Bruns (1914-1983), jazz trombonist turned movie score composer. Born Sandy. Four time Oscar nominee. First nominated for SLEEPING BEAUTY (1959). Musician (trombone).

Dallas MacKennon (1919-2009), voice artist and actor. Born La Grande. Discovered by Jimmy Stewart during BEND OF THE RIVER (1952).

Wally Boag (1920-2011) dancer-banjo playing singer-comedian. Born Portland.Mainstay of the Golden Horseshoe Revue live stage act at Disneyland. Inspired young Steve Martin to pursue comedy. Musician (banjo).