Crossing Over: Hocus Pocus and the Magic of Comics in Research (Free online event)

A hybrid in-person/online event featuring a dynamic conversation between comics practitioners Rik Worth, Jordan Collver (University of the West of England) and Prof Richard Wiseman (University of Hertfordshire)

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Date: 13 May 2024

Time: 3:00PM (UK)

Location: Clothworkers Central Building SR 3 (WD 1.64), University of Leeds / Online via Zoom


Creators of Eisner Award-nominated comic Hocus Pocus: Magic, Mystery and The Mind (Vanishing Inc, 2023) Rik Worth and Jordan Collver discuss how they incorporated research into their comic. They will be joined virtually by Richard Wiseman for a conversation about the unique quality comics possess as a form of research communication, and how comics themselves can be used in research.  

Hocus Pocus focuses on the history and psychology of stage magic and the paranormal. The comic represents a compelling intersection between comics and academic research in psychology. Exploiting comics’ unique formal properties to convey the psychological processes underpinning “paranormal” phenomena, such as magic, ghosts and levitation, Hocus Pocus is an interdisciplinary collaboration par excellence. This event critically reflects on the practicalities and theory informing the adaptation of academic research to the comic book page, demonstrating the potential of interdisciplinary collaborations between artists and academic researchers to generate innovative, creative works bridging theory and practice.    

This will be a hybrid event to be hosted in-person at the University of Leeds, with the option to join a livestream via Zoom. Registration is essential as details for attendance will be circulated only to attendees. The event will be recorded. The talk will begin at 3pm UK time is expected to be 1 hour in duration.