We wrapped up another busy day with a ton of submissions in our “Create our Logo” contest on site. Stay tuned while we sort through them, along with the ones submitted via email. Some of the designs will be posted here to showcase the creativity of people. Thank you all for coming and drawing. By the way, it is not too late to submit your design to us: info@oregoncartoonproject.org.

We also met a lot of established and aspiring artists who expressed interest in publishing in the Oregon Zine Machine, which we officially launched during the RCCC 2022. We are working on the final details – such as how much we will pay for each accepted and published comic – but rest assured that you will retain the rights to your art. The Oregon Zine Machine was born out of our desire to be a showcase, not a business, and we are curious to see what happens to the comics we see. If you have any questions or want to submit already, email us: info@oregoncartoonproject.org. Sebastian Heiduschke will answer any questions you might have.

Finally, a big thank you to Jenny Creech for her help with the booth set up, tear down, and providing transportation from our storage space to and from Portland, Lulu-Harlan Peck-Creech for their help disassembling the booth on Sunday, Sarah Mirk (the OCP artist-in-residence 2022) for coming on Saturday, running the “Draw your self portrait” whiteboard activity, handing out zines and talking to artists who stopped by to network with us. We also like to extend our thanks to the Rose City Comic Con for providing us with the free booth space, something we would not be able to afford as a non-profit organization.

We hope to return next year. Stay in touch, and enjoy the final pictures.