Sarah Mirk, OCP Artist-in-Residence 2022, organized the comics jam. On June 4, 2022, Mirk partnered with University of Oregon student comics magazine Art Ducko to host a comics meetup on campus. For the event, they made collaborative zines and “jam” comics, where each person draws one page or panel before handing it off to the next person. They also had jam and bread as a snack. Art Ducko used the event to distribute the spring issue of their magazine. 

Mirk talked to the students about their comics projects, share ideas, and hear about the work the Art Ducko team is doing to publish student comics. The Art Ducko editors have had a tough time in the past two years, as the campus went fully remote for the pandemic and so they had to navigate trying to create a student comics community online. This meetup was the only public event Art Ducko held during the semester. There are plans to have a similar event in fall.