Past and current digital humanities projects.

What makes Portland Portland? Portland 1946-1975. The postwar emergence of Portland’s three regional clusters – advertising, sportswear, tech – is closely intertwined with the history of a fourth regional strength: independent film. This digital humanities project will explore these interlinked histories in an interactive map designed to be visually engaging and accessible to the public, while at the same time containing an underlying layer of footnotes helpful to scholarly research. This project was supposed to be undertaken between 2018 and 2020. It is currently on hold due to the death of Anne Richardson.

2006 The Portland That Was was a public history/public art project which combined film, video, an interactive website and free live outdoor screenings. It was created for the 2006 Time Based Arts Festival in Portland, Oregon. Anne Richardson and Dennis Nyback presented the project at the 2010 UCLA conference “Reimagining the Archive.”