Setting up at the Rose City Comic Con

Day 0: We are setting up our booth. Come see us, starting tomorrow. Highlights: Comic giveaway, free stickers, OCP logo competition, exhibit of Oregon’s cartooning history.

Find us in booth #1043.

Let’s add some color to these floors!
Looks much better already
Banner is up!
The pinboard is ready. Time to get the historical display up.
There it is. Learn about Oregon’s rich cartooning history.
The instructions for our logo competition are ready. If you design the logo we choose, we will pay you $500. Come and sketch your design – and pin it to this board!
Time to put some stuff away. The table will have lots of stuff on it tomorrow.
Still somewhat empty.
Not on this end!
Done for today!
Find us here tomorrow. Doors open at 1 pm.