From the neurotic mind of writer David F. Walker, the Eisner Award-winning co-creator of BITTER ROOT and NAOMI, comes IMPOSTER SYNDROME, a 100-page collection of six short comics, one prose short story about zombies, and some other random nonsense that must be seen to be believed.

Written by David F. Walker and drawn by an incredible line-up of talented artists that includes Steve Willhite and DJ Parnell, IMPOSTER SYNDROME runs the gamut from comedy to science fiction to urban action (and of course, zombies). Featuring all-new stories “Attack of the Depression Monster,” “Crash Landing,” and “Bully,” IMPOSTER SYBDROME is some of the best, most personal work from Walker. The collection also includes two old classics, “Black Santa’s Revenge” and “The Legend of Stagolee” (both presented in color for the very first time), sample scripts, behind-the-scenes process pages, insightful confessions, writing tips, and more. Reading IMPOSTER SYNDROME is the next best thing to hanging out with David F. Walker…only without having to listen to him talk too much.

Pre-order now: https://zoop.gg/c/impostersyndrome