Mosquitoes SUCK! was devised at Iowa State University. One of the collaborators, Katherine Richardson-Bruna, was born and raised in Portland.

Using a science comic format to engage readers of all ages, Mosquitoes SUCK! conveys essential information about mosquito biology, ecology, and disease transmission needed for community-based control efforts. Starting with a story of a dystopian mosquito-less future, Mosquitoes SUCK! travels back in time to depict the present-day work of a scientist in her lab and the curiosity of the students she works with as they learn about the history of mosquito-human interaction, science as an ever-evolving tool, and the need to balance cutting-edge preventative technologies with broader care for environmental stewardship.

Here’s an article about NIH Mosquitoes & Me project and the resulting science comic, Mosquitoes SUCK!:

The graphic novel is available from the University of Nebraska Press.