Image above: Basil Wolverton’s photo of Buster Keaton, shooting in Cottage Grove, OR.


Over the years, the Oregon Cartoon Institute organized a number of special events about Oregonians connected to cartooning and animation.

More details about each event are available by clicking the links below.

Mel Blanc Project (2011)

A series of public art and education events that examined Mel Blanc’s Portland years through the lens of vaudeville he saw, the music he heard, the radio he made, and the South Portland neighborhood in which he grew up.

Mid Century Oregon Genius (2014/15)

These four artists are the first generation of (sound era) independent filmmakers to come from Oregon. The Oregon Cartoon Institute organized a two-weekend event with multiple talks and screenings.

Oregon Film History Conferences

In 2015, Oregon Cartoon Institute founded the annual Oregon Film History Conference (aka “Oregon Film History Invitational”), a one day crash course designed to showcase the complexity and diversity of Oregon film history for educators, historians, librarians, archivists, artists, writers, filmmakers, and museum professionals. The 2020 conference took place virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A conference planned for 2021 was cancelled.

More details about the individual talks are available by clicking the links to each conference. There are no future conferences planned at this time.

Sixth Annual Oregon Film History Conference (2020)

Theme: “The role of experimentation and innovation in the history of animation in Oregon”

This conference was conducted over Zoom. All talks were recorded and are available for viewing.

Fifth Oregon Film History Conference (2019)

Theme: “The Intersection of Music and Oregon Film History. Featured Artist: Bill Plympton”

Fourth Oregon Film History Conference (2018)

Theme: “The Minor Cinemas of Oregon”

Third Oregon Film History Conference (2017)

The “2017 Invitational.”

Second Oregon Film History Conference (2016)

Video recordings of the talks are available.